How the Webanti partner panel works?

Webanti is an antivirus application which is capable of detecting and removing threats which lie in wait for websites around the world (such as malware, rootkits and backdoors) in real time. Webanti is therefore an essential tool for any website owner – it helps to completely secure the website and personal data. What will you gain by recommending Webanti, besides helping a website owner pr..

How to protect a WordPress site owner from mass spam mailing?

As a result of hacking into your system, hackers can use access to your account for a variety of purposes, which can mean the loss of confidential data, financial losses due to downtime in the operation of the site, and a loss of customer confidence. After a successful attack using your hosting account (e.g. through a PHP script) spam may also be sent out. What to do in the case of such a situati..

Get free virus protection

As the saying goes – prevention is better than cure. This is also true for website security. Each year, there are more and more cybercrimes done by hackers or resulting from software created by them. Viruses/malware, ransomware, backdoor – the list of threats is long. Luckily, there are effective ways to prevent them. See, how Webanti can take care of the security of your website.

Webanti is antivirus software which makes it possible to protect websites in real time and which informs the website owner about any attempted hacker attacks. Interested? You can test the Webanti tool for free. If necessary, you can use the assistance of our consultants – 24/7, all year round.

Trust our expertise and start protecting your website effectively – try Webanti